Abstract Submission

You are now invited to prepare and submit an Abstract. Please note that Abstracts are required for all presentations, including posters. If you intend to submit an Abstract, please note that ISHS requires the presenting author to have an active ISHS membership account.

This also means you are eligible for the reduced conference registration rate offered to ISHS members, as well as other membership benefits.

Before submitting an Abstract, please ensure that your ISHS membership is current and – most important – that your contact details are up‐to‐date. If necessary update/renew your membership first.

Submit your Abstract through the ISHS online submission tool at http://www.actahort.org/members/symposiar?nr=422 where you will also find more information about submission of Abstracts and fulltext papers. As the author, you simply follow the step by step instructions to add the title, authors, abstract body text, keywords, etc.

Deadline for submission of Abstract: 12 March 2015
If your Abstract is accepted, you will be notified by 31 March and invited to submit your fulltext paper for review by 30 April.

Once the Abstract has been accepted for presentation [either as an oral‐ or poster presentation] you should register and submit a fulltext paper for publication.

For both Abstracts and fulltext papers: please submit well in advance of the deadlines to give time for us to check details with you if necessary.

Each step in the submission process will be confirmed to you by an email notification with further instructions or details. It is your responsibility to ensure you receive email notifications sent to your email address. If you do not receive messages, check your spam folder and spam filter or add ISHS to the list of trusted senders.

Fulltext papers of oral or poster presentations will be available on line at the start of the Conference. The Symposium proceedings will be published as a volume in the series of Acta Horticulturae. The Acta will be posted to you soon after the Conference.